We are a Software Development and Technology Consulting company which helps startups
and businesses to turn their ideas into reality applying our professional expertise

what you get with us

    • Access to Educated and High-Skilled Professionals

      With us you obtain access to the area of more than 20000
      (90000 over the whole country) specialists in IT industry and via our thorough
      selection process as well as the internal highly-qualified expertise of our tech
      team you will get the results which fit your needs to the uttermost.

    • Cost-efficiency

      You get rid of all operational, recruitment,
      infrastructure expenses, we bear them on our shoulders. Besides due to our simple
      pricing policy you can not only save your budget, but also to manage and plan it
      effectively far in advance.

    • Reliability

      Our dedication and individual exclusive approach to each
      of our customers suggests that you get a reliable partner who shares your goals and
      put all the efforts and necessary steps to achieve them.

    • Thinking out of the box

      Your process will never get stuck as our team thinks wider
      to see the whole picture objectively and if needed to apply non-standard approach to
      meet the most sophisticated challenges.

  • Focus on your core business areas

    You can stay focused on your core business without getting
    distracted by complex IT decisions, you can entrust them to us.


  • Dedicated Team

    Do you want to extend your local team or to build a new one which will share your vision, your goals will work specifically on your tasks, basically will become the fully-fledged member of your team for a long term?
    Dedicated Team is the right choice. We will build the one for you taking into account all your expectations.

  • Project-based model

    If you have some idea or project but for some reasons you can’t implement it, we can take over the full or part of the development cycle to make your project come to light.

  • Value-added services

    In case your project, which our team will be working on, requires some custom part of work to be done, our value-added services are at your disposal.


“SevenPro’s quality service and ability to quickly hire good engineers are impressive."
"We were very impressed with their ability to change images to concrete shapes and characters."
"They are providing the employees social events and a great place to work in."
"We really don’t have any complaints about their work — It was very exceptional."
"The people we have had the pleasure to deal with have been kind, considerate, and professional"
"SevenPro was very understanding and giving"
"I’ll definitely work with SevenPro again"
"They do high-end work. I liked that I could interview each developer to see if they were a match"
"The skills and maturity of the team have been recognized from the first weeks of activity"

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