About SevenPro

SevenPro is a Ukrainian IT company which specializes in Software Development and IT Consulting.

The idea of setting SevenPro occurred to 3 individuals with vast experience in IT sphere, who eventually became the co-founders of the company. It was just a great luck that 3 of them have 3 different professional directions (business, technology, customer-care) which essentially form the productive basis for IT outsourcing business covering the most crucial collaboration areas.

Staying constantly focused on our clients’ plans, needs or expectations we professionally analyze their requests and suggest the target solutions, which results in developing both projects from scratch (full cycle) or working with existing systems, or in creating the seamless extension of the in-house teams of our clients via setting up the remote dedicated teams. Each solution is exclusively tailored to each specific customer.

We respect each employee and each client we have. Thus we set the highest priority to ensure full compliance between their expectations and the results obtained.


Each member of SevenPro team is a keeper of seven core values and principles, which form the basis of our work, our common desire to achieve the highest goals and inspire us to be real professionals in the services we provide.

  • Proactivity

    We handle a matter before it becomes a problem

  • Enhancement

    Having achieved results and accomplishments, we continue to evolve. We are constantly in search of improvements in our work, decisions, attitude, as we believe in order to keep pace with the times and the consequent technological progress, we just have to make the results of our work more and more advanced.

  • Consistency

    We are the one integral entity which operates according to the transparent rules. Each member of this entity knows how it works and follows this system-based approach, which enables you to get predictable results, stability, manageability.

  • Innovation

    In our work we use creative advanced methods of increasing the speed and the quality of work paying much attention to the automation and clearness of processes.

Professionalism Responsibility Openness Proactivity Enhancement Consistency Innovation
  • Professionalism

    First of all we set high performance standards for ourselves. Driven from that strategy we thoroughly analyze and work on each of your tasks so that eventually you get the results which will exceed your expectations.

  • Responsibility

    Each of our employees is the face of the company who bears responsibility for the service he provides to our customers. Thanks to this common value you get a trustworthy integrated ally whom you can safely entrust any challenge.

  • Openness

    We give you full transparency in our collaboration relations. This refers both to our customers and our employees. We choose to be open with you without hiding any issues or reasons of one or another decision taken, since this is the most powerful way to maintain fruitful cooperation in order to consequently deliver great results.