Digital Platform for Hearing Tests

A user-friendly system (kiosk, mobile app and web-based app) allowing for quick and reliable screening of customers’ hearing profile. A clinically-validated product to offer hearing tests, and sell hearing aids. System include Online hearing test that has been clinically validated, and can be used for programming user's hearing aids remotely, without having the customer visit the clinic. Mobile app works on Android & iOS devices with any headphones. The mobile test can also be used to re-program customer's hearing aids or amplifiers. Moreover, the app allows personalized settings for different listening environments.

Scheduling system

Custom scheduling system which provides scheduling and delivery of concrete pumps, laser screeds, and finishers to pours. Managed by operators, the system automates processes from end-to-end: starting from creation of an order, scheduling on a date, printing dispatch sheets, managing statuses of the dispatches, notifying clients about equipment arrival by e-mail/SMS and other features.

Intelligent Nutrition Assistant

Intelligent Nutrition Assistant which customizes real-time supplement delivery based on user's profile, diet, and activity level. The product delivers real-time personalized nutrition as a tightly integrated, three-part system. The first two parts combine proprietary algorithms, Intelligent Nutrition Assistant, and the countertop device. Together with input from user's wearable devices and health apps, Application calculates food consumption and exercise data to dispense a personalized drink that delivers any vitamins, nutrients, and minerals your body still requires for the day.

Supply Chain Optimization Solution

The next generation supply chain optimization solution with a flexible business rule engine and cost-driven algorithm that meets the needs of enterprises with complex distribution operations

E-mail Marketing Platform

One of the world’s leading email marketing platforms. The software offers a cloud-based, multilingual and user-friendly email campaign platform