5 benefits of outsourcing your project

Cutting time and costs

Hiring an in-house team is more time-consuming and expensive in comparison with hiring a ready development team.

No management routine

As a client, you don’t have to manage and control development processes on a daily basis.
You only communicate with a project manager.

Faster time to market

You are not distracted by the search for qualified professionals to perfectly fit your project.
You have more time to focus on your core business processes that bring your product to the market faster.

No additional expenses

You do not have to worry about employees’ paid leaves, professional trainings, buying software and so on.

Flexible team extension

Scale up your team with a necessary resource when needed.

How we work

The implementation of almost any project consists of several successive steps. This is how we do it.
  1. Requirements analysis

    Before we start evaluating your project, we make a list of functional and non-functional requirements. Depending on the size of the project, its level of complexity and features, this stage can take from several days up to several weeks. During this time, our business analyst conducts a series of calls with you, during which high-level requirements are determined and refined. As a result of the work done, the artifacts of this stage can be screen mockups, the Software Requirement Specification document and other materials that will allow to estimate both the project budget and the approximate timing of its implementation with a fairly high accuracy.

  2. Estimation

    After all the necessary materials are collected, we make a high-level estimate in terms of time and budget on its basis. Usually this is a document that describes in details how many hours are needed both to implement individual parts of the system and to perform additional actions.

    If the project is written from scratch, the estimate may include the following sections:

    – Estimated time for UI/UX design,
    – Estimated time for a preliminary study of the subject area,
    – Estimated time for system design,
    – Estimation of time for the implementation of all system functions in accordance with the requirements,
    – Time estimation for DevOps operations and deployment,
    – Time estimation for testing, bug fix and project management.

    In addition, the estimate usually includes a recommendation regarding the choice of the optimal technical stack for the implementation of the project, a timeline in the form of a Gantt chart, and the total expected budget of the project. As practice shows, our technical expertise allows us to give an estimate with an error of no more than 20% for medium-sized projects.

  3. Contract signing

    Before starting work on any project, we sign a contract for the provision of development services and a NDA. We value our reputation and appreciate the seriousness of the intentions of our clients, so the contract is an integral part of successful cooperation. In the event that the team has to work with “sensitive” financial or medical information, our legal department will draw up a contract accordingly.

    Usually, according to the contract, we fully cover all related costs, such as vacation and sick leaves for the development team members, obtaining new knowledge related to the project domain, passing certifications, etc. In case there is a need for this, representatives of our team can visit your office to discuss the terms of the contract.

  4. Building a Team

    Getting started on any new project usually depends on a number of factors, such as:

    – The project is written from scratch, or the development of a new version is required,
    – The number and type of development stages according to the original plan,
    – The number of members of the team being formed and their technical expertise,
    – Etc.

    In most cases we have engineers with the required expertise who are ready to start working on the project immediately after signing the contract. A full team will be formed in the process of working on the project, which, depending on the size of the project, can take 1-3 months for a team of 5-7 people.

  5. Development

    We are the adepts of an agile approach of development and work using the Agile methodology on most projects, as well as using modern development tools and programming languages:

    – We use Git as our version control system.
    – Bug tracking systems Jira and Redmine,
    – We work with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform cloud solutions.
    – We use popular programming languages, such as ​​JavaScript, Java, C#, Ruby, Python, Swift, Kotlin, etc.
    – Frameworks and libraries Angular, .NET, React, React Native.
    – MongoDB, MySql, PostgreSQL databases.

    Only qualified specialists, selected for the domain area of ​​your project, will work with you. We also pay a lot of attention to both the quality of the code, following the best practices and coding conventions, and the product itself. Detailed elaboration of test scenarios and the use of automation ensures that bugs are quickly identified before they get into the release.

  6. Delivery

    All communication on the project is conducted through the project manager, usually it’s one or two calls per week. If necessary, we will be happy to introduce you to all members of the team that is working on the project. Following the Scrum methodology, we develop in 2-3 week sprints. At the end of each sprint, we make a demo of the working version of the product and agree with you on the scope of work for the next sprint.

    Our UI/UX designers and manual QAs will always give recommendations for improving the User Experience, the DevOps team will provide a high level of security and data backup in case of unforeseen circumstances, and the project manager is always in touch with you.

  7. Invoicing

    We usually bill you for the work performed by the team once a month. We provide a detailed report on which groups of tasks were completed, as well as the number of hours spent on design, development, QA and other types of work. Our finance department will make sure that you use the most convenient payment methods for our services.