Advanced Cloud CCTV Solution

The client Private company which provides video monitoring services
Team 1 PM/BA, 1 Frontend dev, 1 backend dev, 1 QA
Tech stack Frontend: Vue.js, Wordpress. Backend: node.js, MongoDB. Frameworks: WHMCS, Macroscop

Market challenge

Previously Client focused only on security hardware installation, but users were continuously asking about a solution which will allow to store all videos captured from the cameras in the Cloud.

Our approach

Our team designed and implemented a system which combines Eocortex solution for IP video surveillance systems, WHMCS as a web hosting management/billing subsystem and custom website which provides users access to personal cabinets.

Key benefits

There is no need for users to buy expensive equipment and take care of its maintenance, just install and configure cameras on the portal’s personal page.

All video recordings are being stored in the cloud. It prevents data storage from being stolen by robbers.