Penetration Testing CMS

The client The Client is the strongest Israeli cyber consultancy and red-team services firm. Established in 2005 by noted Israeli ethical hacker Eyal Gruner, the Client has assembled the best and brightest minds in Israeli cyberspace, including offensive and defensive cyber specialists.
Team 4 FTE
Tech stack React.js, Redux, Redux Saga,Material UI, Nodejs, Express, MongoDB, Docker, AWS

Market challenge

The Client aimed to digitize it’s penetration testing services. The Client needed to get MVP fast but lacked internal engineers.

Our approach

SevenPro provided a team of front-end and back-end engineers who implemented a highly secured Platform (MVP) from scratch within 5 months. The Platform allows users:

– Order a new Penetration Testing (PT) project completely Online;

– Recommend a tester’s profile according to the project scope and needs. The profile is correlated based on the skills and capabilities of the employee;

– Track PT project status;

– Interact with project team members about project’s issues;

– Upload technical information, mostly information assisting the PT team in learning about the systems details (grey box);

– Download report documentation and other deliverables;

– See dashboard with statuses and statistics;

Key benefits

Users of the platform can easily inform that they are under attack just by pressing one “Under attack” button. Assigned to the client cybersecurity team will immediately receive notification and start processing the request. All necessary information regarding the attacked system will be available in the Platform.