Close-knit community of neighborhood and business

LocalBlox is a mobile social networking platform that connects neighborhoods.

Social network • Mobile • Big Data • Data Mining


A Mobile application that can help to keep neighbors informed of any situation that might pose a potential threat at the place they live in – that was a challenge to be done. The goal was to help individuals connect to their local communities and build a bridge between neighbors and their local communities, to create a tool for building a financially stable and safe society.


LocalBlox is a solution that provides contextual information about the area. Events, shops, business, wall posts are available to the user depending on their location. LocalBlox connects neighbors and local entrepreneurs to a great many of community activities, local resources, businesses and professional services as well.


LocalBlox combines a search algorithm, data analyzer, website and mobile application. The application is driven by a big data engine. Mining the Web for updated facts happened within community area it can access various sources and rendered accurate and comprehensive view of neighborhoods. A smart proactive mobile approach allows any company to provide insight about the engagement by neighbors and consumers involving them via iPhones.

Key features of the system:

  • Aggregating business profiles with metadata
  • Building scalable neighborhood platforms
  • Having an advertisement network to promote neighborhood businesses
  • Ability to aggregate unstructured data from disparate sources
  • Real-time updates of data about a neighborhood or businessInsights about the engagement by neighbors and consumers
  • Data analyzer, data mining