The voice from Ukraine

Hello everybody! We are a Software development and IT consulting company from Ukraine. And we have more than 50 people in our team.

We appreciate that many of you ask us a lot of questions, support, and care about the current situation in our country. As you might know from the media, in some parts of the country, there is a war. Mostly it is happening along the Russian border. The Ukrainian army is strong and highly motivated, so we are sure everything will be alright again soon.

Lots of you ask how you can help us. The main thing you can do is to work with Ukrainian companies. From our side, we will be providing you with the same efficiency as before.

We at SevenPro continue working in the normal working mode. When it started, we spent a few days relocating, and at this moment, the team is in a safe place. Some have crossed the border, and some have moved as far away as possible. One of the main advantages of our industry is being flexible with our location. If before developers used it to move around the world, now it’s a great thing that makes people safe. 

It would be nice of you to support Ukrainian people and businesses during these times. Ukraine is getting bigger and bigger on the global map in exporting IT services. Ukrainian developers are known for their good skills and reputation. Maybe there is a good chance for you to try it? Ukraine is on the edge of the free world, fighting for the values that we all share; it might be your way of supporting it, especially if it’s worth it and helpful for your business.

SevenPro’s bank system, management capabilities, and EU-based legal entity allow us to handle our service safely and securely. No circumstances may bring instability to it. We hope the worst is already over, but we are ready and prepared to make sure we will continue to perform great and ensure our staff is taken care of.

We appreciate the prayers and thoughts with us that people usually send. We do appreciate your support. It’s important. And we’d be more than happy to continue providing you with our high-quality services upon your immediate request.  We guarantee the same work approach as well. We worked even during this situation. After our houses were bombed, we packed and continued to provide our service in a few days. 

Every part of the world has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the working approach. With us, you get a direct and honest way, and dedication to work. We strive to contribute to your business and be the change that makes it great.

Get in touch with us to know how exactly we can help you!